is a software company specializing in creating solutions for people in a modern world.

Every digital media and platform is our playground - from websites and portals to applications for both computers, servers and mobile devices.


February 2012
Airflake also provides SEO and marketing services and is currently helping out danish site Kemoland.
December 2011
Our lastest project is nearing beta release.
March 2011
Several project made for other companies are now up and running. This, however, has postponed some of our own projects.
July 2010
Plans are ongoing for multiple new projects. Keep an eye out for them.
February 2009 our project promoting open source software now servers more than 750,000 pageview each month.
August 2008
Following the release of Apple's iPhone in Denmark - Airflake is already planning to release a number of applications for this revolutionary platform.
March 2008
Airflake celebrates the two year anniversary of Open Source Alternative ( with more than 1.7 million unique visitors served and almost 10 million pageviews.